The Bridgestone is also the leading supplier of tires for BMW. The company has been pushing the boundaries of regular supply and demand with its latest tire technology. An example of this is the launch of the new BMW X5, 8 and 3 Series, all with Bridgestone tires as original equipment.

Custom Tires

The number of Bridgestone tires used by BMW has grown steadily since the first partnership between the two companies in 1995. Now, worldwide, Bridgestone supplies original equipment to BMW, which covers every measure of used tire across the automaker's fleet. . Each supply of Bridgestone tires for original equipment has been specifically developed for each type of vehicle - a process that typically takes more than two years. This enabled Bridgestone to reduce rolling resistance to unprecedented levels, reducing fuel consumption and improving tire life. At the same time, Bridgestone has continued to develop its technologies in terms of safety, braking, driveability and comfort. Not to mention Run-Flat technology that allows vehicles to keep running with the flat tire.

Support for next-generation luxury products

During the development of tires for the BMW X5, it was clear that the tires would need to offer all the convenience of traveling with the vehicle. Bridgestone then introduced tires that collaborate with the electronically controlled shock absorbers, the five-link rear suspension and the four-wheel drive SUV-adjustable air suspension. Be guided by bridgestone blizzak dm-v2 review when selecting best tires on the market.

After adjustments and testing, eight Bridgestone tires, ranging in size from 18 ”to 21”, were approved by BMW as original equipment for the X5 in Europe. Alenza 001 has been confirmed as a summer tire due to its excellent performance, superior control and exceptional response in wet and dry conditions. The Blizzak LM001, known for its exceptional traction capacity and performance in snow and hail, has been approved as a winter tire. Some of these models feature Bridgestone Run-Flat technology.

New BMW cars will be fitted with Bridgestone tires


Two former partnerships, BWM and Bridgestone, have extended agreement for yet another exclusive supply contract as original equipment. This way, the BMW 7 Series and BMW X1 models will come out of the factory equipped with Bridgestone tires.

The lineup of the new BMW 7 Series luxury sedan, which was launched last year, will come off with Bridgestone Potenza S001 UHP tires in 6 measures (all with Run Flat technology) or the Blizzak LM001 RFT, a version for next winter. in two measures. Bridgestone winter tires received the highest ADAC (German Automobile Club) test scores.

Already the newest BMW X1 comes equipped with the premium tire, Turanza T001, with three measures in run-flat and three conventional. The Turanza T001 is designed to make driving smoother with speed stability and confident wet handling. The winter version is the Blizzak LM001 RFT in two sizes, with the conventional LM001 in the smallest 60 series.

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